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Reply northlondonhousewife
8:06 AM on June 17, 2010 
I haven't misunderstood the research document - you have misunderstood my point. This website promotes learning logs. Therefore it should include some research with a positive comment/conclusion on learning logs and not one which concludes that " ....... Children's attitudes towards completing these learning logs were on the whole negative..." When I couldn't find any positive evidence here, I had to trawl through websites such as Campaign for Learning and www.gtce.org.uk/teachers/rft to find actual research evidence rather than pretty pictures and testimonials .

You have included a piece of research that contradicts the site's overall message and that's just silly.
Reply learninglogs
2:24 PM on June 14, 2010 
This is a misunderstanding of the research which is provided only to give a technical context to the approach and some reference reading
The dissertation does not review the effectiveness of learning logs at all. It was in fact produced long before the learning logs were conceived
and is a piece of research around an earlier more literacy based model of learning journals.
Feedback from pupils completing the type of learning log featured on the site have been generally good and there have
been many examples where pupils have begun to complete homework only after the introduction of the learning logs
The quality of the work submitted to the site suggests that pupils have engaged with the process with some enthusiasm
Reply northlondonhousewife
12:34 PM on June 14, 2010 
The research dissertation included on this site concludes that Learning Logs have a negative impact upon children studied " ....... Children's attitudes towards completing these learning logs were on the whole negative, and there emerged little evidence of reflective thinking about their work.."

Given that this site is pro-learning logs shouldn't you include some positive research if there is any?

Teacher's seem to love them for reasons ranging from increasing parental involvement to less marking. Parents and children seem to have a more mixed response, moving from positive to less so depending on practical implementation. Looking at other sites, they're clearly very fashionable.

Even if both parents and children love them, if they're detrimental to children (according to the research dissertation on this site) then why promote them?
Reply learninglogs
6:54 AM on February 21, 2010 
There has been an increasing level of spam attacks on this page in recent months. In view of the consequent risks to visitors of following links which may lead to exposure to virus or other malicious content I have decided to restrict access to the comment page to members only.
Viewers are free to enlist as members, enabling them to post directly to the page, and those who choose not to do so are always welcome to email comments (and examples of learning logs) to learninglogs@yahoo.co.uk and I will place them on the site
Reply Alison-May Cross
10:49 PM on January 29, 2010 
Just to add, that learning logs do not put persure on children at all, we had a week to complete it in and it gave the teachers a good view on what we understood and didnt, and this is coming from one of thoses very children, the learning log was a great inspriation to alot of us and im greatful we got a chance to get involed in learning logs, it will help the kids who do LL to show the understanding they have of there work. Once agen well done to certain teachers. Alison Cross.
Reply Alison-May Cross
10:42 PM on January 29, 2010 
This was an inspriation on all of us that did this, i used to enjoy doing my learning log and it was such a good idea, its thanks to our year 6 teachers that we did well in our logs, mr bollock, mrs carter and miss lishman. Alison Cross
Reply learninglogs
8:46 AM on January 22, 2010 
re your comments
1: The research is an MA dissertation (and is clearly headed as such) looking at the use of reflective journals in general which predates and was unrelated to the use of the learning logs. The article is there merely to give a context to this type of approach. It is not intended as a teaching aid to parents or anyone else but was put up for the most part to provide a reference point for anyone interested in investigating the technical background to the use of learning journals.
2: The learning logs were developed as an extension to high qualit y teaching approaches in order to provide an opportunity for children to undertake homework of a more creative and open-ended type than the old worksheet based approach.
3; The children in the original school were involved in the development of the process and they contributed significantly to shaping the development of the learning logs over time so this is not a top-down one size fits all quick fix solution
4: The aim of the site is to publish evidence of good practice. There is no element of 'preaching', merely sharing.
Reply Rob Miller
4:58 AM on January 22, 2010 
I liked your site.
Reply Doug Morris
12:45 PM on January 21, 2010 
Our children are being introduced to LL this term (January 2010). Our initial concerns and reservations about the practice of LL are being echoed by many parents we talk to. Reading the reasearch there does not appear to be any measured evidence demonstrating that this practice is of any benefit. I can only foresee, as commented below, that the gap between the more able and enthusiastic and the less able will grow exponentially. I would like to see some statistical evidence of this method of learning having some benefit before it is implemented. Please can you point us to some tangible statistics to support the theory. The research page written with educational psychology in mind is unhelpful to the average parent. If you are to provide information on this site it must be balanced or you will be in danger of preaching an unsound doctrine that is not widely supported. I will try and keep an open mind but the pigs outside are starting to unfurl their wings.
Reply Webst3r
12:20 AM on January 5, 2010 
Great site, keep up the good work :D

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