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Learning Logs at Bardsey Primary School, Leeds

I remember being so excited when I first stumbled across this website! It showed children being so enthusiastic and taking such mature responsibility for their learning and presentation of it that I rushed into my own school to show people.

After much emailing to and fro to Danny Bullock we set about introducing them into our school this year (2006-2007). We were lucky that one of the Inglehurst pupils had very kindly donated his Learning Log to us so that we could share it with the pupils and show them examples of things they could do in their own personal Log. They were very excited too!

We began by having a large–scale class ‘Learning Log Page on the Wall’ with objectives changed each week. During the week the children were encouraged to make and bring in pieces to display on the ‘page’.

After half a term of working in this way the individual Learning Logs were introduced. They have been well received by the children and all the teachers, who all find the ‘freedom’ refreshing.

Learning Logs are still in their infancy in our school and we are still developing their use but we are sure they are here to stay! In fact, their popularity is spreading in such a way that I am being asked about them by teachers in other local schools!

Please take a look at some of the pages from our Learning Logs and some quotes from the children, given with no prompting!

Debbie Howell (AST)


visitor number 


Caprice – “They’re fun! You can decorate them as well as doing your homework. It helps you.”




Rory – “ I like them because you can look back at your Learning Log and it can help you, like when you’re doing Literacy.”



                                                                                         Emma – “…it makes your work more fun.”


Angharad – “You can set it out how you want.”


Claire – “ I enjoy expressing myself and making it all colourful.”



Jack – “You can make them bright and colourful. It makes it more exciting and you want to do it.”



Olivia – “I like researching for mine.”



Kate – “You can do your own thing.”



Georgina – “It’s much better doing your learning Log than doing lots of homework sheets.”