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Comments from Parents at Dove Bank
 "They provide us with lots of opportunities to talk about different things and often one thing leads to another."

 "The Learning Log provides a lot of opportunities for children to develop not only academically but also socially, as it often requires the children to ask questions."

 "The open-ended nature is great in that it allows the children to use their imagination."

 "It is important to know the Learning Objective so you understand the relevance of the homework."

 "The whole idea of the Learning Log is excellent. It gives the child the opportunity to develop ideas and to use their imagination and creative skills."

 "He finds a lot of the tasks interesting and often gets the Learning Log out each week and goes through all of the past work he has done."

 "I have noticed a great change in him with regards to homework. He engages and concentrates a lot better and I think that this is because it has a practical side to it."

 "I think that it is a fun way for both of us to enjoy homework time together."

 It is important to know the Learning Objective so you understand