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Community Views

Community Views about Personalised Learning Logs at Inglehurst Junior School



I am the guardian of Caitlin who is a year 3 student at Inglehurst junior. I would just like to say what a good idea we all think these learning logs are, not only does Caitlin enjoys doing it but she gets everyone involved. The younger children love looking up things in the encyclopaedia for pictures for her to go in the book.  It keeps everyone amused for hours, it stimulates the brain and gets them to think about what they are actually learning about at school.  It has proven in Caitlin's case that it is a very good after school activity for the whole family to join in.   Mrs B  26.5.06

Congratulations Danny Bullock and Inglehurst Junior School for coming up with an excellent idea of the learning logs. Both my children really enjoy doing their homework and put a lot of time and effort into them each week. My children say that doing their learning logs is more of a fun activity as they can add flaps, draw  pictures, use colours and just let their imagination go wild while they tell their teachers everything they have learnt during each week. I think the learning logs are a wonderful way for the children to learn and they take pride in doing their homework. I am very pleased as a parent that I do not have to ask my children if they have homework or not because they cannot wait to get started on their learning logs. From Mrs E, parent of Georgina aged 12 and Natalie aged 8 of Inglehurst Junior School.


I'm very glad to hear that children enjoy and put as much time and effort into their learning logs as I did when I was at Inglehurst junior school last year. My sister will usually come home from school in the afternoon and would have already started her learning log. Mr Bullock's idea of a leaning log was a very clever one as it gives children the pleasure to do their homework the way they feel comfortable; for example if a child is very good at drawing they can present their homework using pictures and diagrams instead of writing. I enjoyed doing my learning log when I was at Inglehurst because it gave me the chance to draw, write, colour, add flaps and even have fun by adding pieces of materials into my book just to go that extra bit further. By the end of the week I was using my learning log more as a scrap book to revise from, than a book to fill homework with. Although I never did this learning logs can also be used to revise from, because we recapped what we leant in a lesson by writing it down into our learning logs in the way that we would remember.  All in all learning logs are a fun and clever way to do homework, whether children draw or write. It's the children's way of showing their teachers what they have learned this week. From Georgina aged 12 recent Inglehurst Junior student 


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 I enjoy doing my learning log because we can talk to our teachers through our learning log.  We can personalise them which makes it our own.  On Thursdays we do peer partnership sessions, which is when we ask others about what they have been learning and what they did that week.  We talk about how we build out learning muscles and how we can improve them.  We set each other targets and at the end of each week we see if we have met them.  That’s why I enjoy doing my learning log.

 Charlotte Year 6


Hello, my name is Shaun.  I like learning logs because they remind you about what you have learnt.  I have been working on The Hound of the Baskervilles, I have put string in my learning log to show that the hound is chasing Sir Henry.





I think learning logs are really good because we can make them our own, which makes them all different.  We can make them very personal which makes it fun.  We use our learning log as a resource for revision.  When our teachers mark them they know what we need help with.  This is an example of my learning log.  This is one week’s homework.         Ashleigh Yr 



















I think Learning Logs are a very good resource for learning because you can personalise it and make it your own.  I enjoy using building learning power in my learning log.  This helps me to think about all the learning muscles that I need to use.

Harry Yr 6



I think learning logs are really good because you can spend a lot of time on them when you are doing your homework.  You can personalise your log so that you understand it. Jenny Yr 6




My name is Luke and I attend Inglehurst Junior School. This is an example of my learning log.  I think learning logs are great because you can develop your own style, which makes yours different to everybody else’s.  They are great for SATs revision.





hey i think the web site is very good and i have looked at the pictures i might use some os that stuff in my learning log i think it is really cool

 by amanda in yr 5 miss hall


hi i think the learning logs are great.it helps our teachers see if we understand things that we have been learning.when it comes to our sats we can look at out learning logs and find out things that we have fegot 

by Alison, inglehurst junoir school



I think our learning logs are great because it lets our teachers know wat we have learnt and understood.I have imatated a freind of mine and my learning logs is like hers.








I think learning logs are a great way of storing good and important ideas. I spend atleast an hour aday on my learning,i compleat all my objectives and then decorate it. they are great fun to work with and are very personal.

Chelsea, Year 6 Inglehurst Junior School


Well I think that learning log's are realy cool i go inglehurst junior school and i know this Girl called Jenny she has a realy good learning log and im Raya I have inproved in My Learning logs



I think learning logs are a good way to set out your homework in ways that you will remember anythink that you might need to help yourself in the future. I really enjoy using colour,pop-ups and tuchy/feely things to make my learning log more personal and unique.

Samantha, Year 6 Inglehurst Junior School


I think learning logs are a useful way of writing down what we have learned. Learning logs are used every day and I enjoy working on it and decorating it. I can use gel pens, felt tips, pop-ups and many other things in my learning log, most of which aren't used in other books.

Matthew, Year 6, Inglehurst Junior School.