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Hello my name is Anastasia and I am in Miss Playford’s class at Inglehurst Junior School.  I am very proud of my learning log and I always look forward to learning new things.  My favourite page is about habitats and materials.  It is my favourite page because it so colourful.



Hello my name is Holly and I am in Miss Playford’s class at Inglehurst Junior School. I like doing my learning log because I like learning about new things.  We did a play called “Joseph”.  I was the Butler in it.  This is my learning log about what I remember.





Hello my name is Melissa and I am at Inglehurst Junior School.  I like doing my learning log because it is exciting.  When I did the page about “Joseph” my teacher was very proud.












Learning Logs are good because you can look back and review your work that you have done by Jack Y5

My name is Jessica . Iam nine years old. I love my learning log.I do my best handwritting in it. I have lots of pullouts which I think make it very interesting to read.Even if I go out somewhere, I still find time to do it. One Saturday evening I was working on it at 10 o clock at night ! On a Saturday when I go to town I spend my birthday money on craft items to put in it. Laura and Nicole, my friends, share the learning objectives over the phone. I also put in extra exiting stuff.For example when I have been to any places, like Crufts dog show, I get leaflets to stick inside it. I really enjoy spending any spare time I have working on my learning log. I make it colourful with coloured paper. I am now on my third learning log. From Jessica x

Hi my name is Nicole my age is 9. I love my learning log, every day when i go home i love doing it and putting all amazing and crafty stuff in it i love it.In the day i can't wait to do it.I get ideas off my friends sometimes.I show my learning log to my mum and dad and they say just put some glitter on it then it will look fantastic so that what i do. My teacher tells us really clearly so i put it in my learning log.On a Saturday i usely get a border ready and all papers hanging out.I do it every night, i love it so much. Sometimes i do stuff on the computer so that makes it good aswell. Nicole

My name is grace. I am 9 years old. My learning log is full. LEARNING IS FUN!





hi my name is laura.i am nine years old and i love my learning log.it is full of pull outs and lift up.Sometimes i dont have any room.I have a learning odjective book so every time we have a learning odjective i put it in for when i get home.When i get home i tick the odjective off so i no i have done it.

hi my name is lorna,I am nine years old.My learning-log is fat but not as fat as Jessica's,I love crafty things and my learning-log helps me with my craft.Both of my friend's have  all-ready written on this website. 

Love   lorna  xxxxx