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News and views from Derbyshire


Inspired by Danny Bullock, I presented Learning Logs to Heath Fields Primary School, South Derbyshire. It has been well-received by both pupils and teachers.

In fact, that is an understatement! Pupils are very fired up by it all. I think we can match Inglehurst with our enthusiasm! Our pupils will post on here shortly to share their learning experiences. They are so proud of their learning logs, and want to share them with everyone.

 Elaine G, 3/4 teacher


our learning logs I think are really good and a great way to do home work. When we're older we can look at them if we forget like a memory book. And our teachers could look back at them to see what we have remembered.

daniella yr3 heath fields primary school, hatton, derbyshire.



Hi my name is Orianne.My  learning log is great.I like doing my learning log it helps me remember all the things we have done in class.I really really enjoy doing my learning log.

YEAR 3 at Heath Fields school.





Danny Bullock has done a good
job of providing learning logs.Heath fields primary have not long started learning logs but now our whole school is doing them.My name is Laura and i am 9 years old. My learning log gets full every week now.The reason we do learning logs is so we get to learn more and more every day.When i get home i always from now on i do some work in my learning log.My teacher is good at doing learning logs and i want to stay working on them until i go to bigger school.

             Laura (year 4)


my name is jessica. my leARNIN G LOG is full of amazing crafty things. i am 9 years old and love to create things in it love Jessica xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from derby


To Mrs Goulding - I love doing my learning log because it's fun to do.It's also a place where you can store all of your work and memorise it and look back at the work you have already done. I also like looking back at the funny mistakes that I have made. From Hannah K. - Age 8.
P.S. Bring on those learning objectives