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Spring Surprises 2008
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Spring Surprises 2008


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Clearwater Bay School

Eagley Juniors 2008

Penclawdd Primary School

Startforth Morritt Memorial C.E. Primary School


Penclawdd Primary School
I've been in touch with Danny Bullock who has supported my introduction of learning logs in my own class (year 5) and our year 6 class of Penclawdd Primary School near Swansea in South Wales.
It has been like a breath of fresh air! The children absolutely love them and have excelled themselves each week. I love marking the learning logs too!! They have particularly appealed to our boys and our lower achievers.Our parents have been extremely supportive and say that they really enjoy working with the children each week.   
The individual nature of the learning logs means that every one is different and we share them each Friday, giving each other "a star and a wish". The children love to get ideas from each other and willingly accept the suggestions for improvement.  Angela Thompson - Year 5 class teacher
The first learning log was about our residential visit to Port Eynon (about 10 miles from school) on the Gower Peninsula.
The others are based around a maths explore activity and a history based activity - an aspect of the 1960's.
Last week we tried a maths explore activity and a science/history activity based on the moon and the 1969 moon landing.

Clearwater Bay School, Hong Kong

Hello from Clearwater Bay School in the New Territories, Hong Kong!

After discovering this website together with the wonderful ideas on the TES staffroom forum I started Learning Logs with my Year 2 children in January.

We hope you enjoy them too!

Maggie McClymont Class Teacher



To share what you know about Chinese New Year or what you did.





To know the 2, 5 or 10 times tables.



Find a way to remember how to read and spell words from our enquiry about electricity.







Show what you know about measuring.





Startforth Morritt Memorial C.E. Primary School

Mrs Bain
Class 3









Eagley Juniors

We have been using learning logs for a term now and already we have become more creative and independent! We have all really enjoyed learning new things and showing what we have learnt in different ways- have a look at some of our ideas!